PixelRo strives to embody technologies for human comfort.
PixelRo strives to embody technologies for human comfort.

PixelRo is taking on challenges to make the impossible possible. To this end, we are breaking the boundaries between technologies. 

Vision Correction-


The vision correction solution that provides clear screen to smartphone users with aged eyes is composed of functional film and screen calibration app. 

Multi View Privacy- Film

This film makes different views depending on the view direction. The screen consists of N view directions according to micro lens array rules. 

IoT Solution

We are developing our product manufacturing capabilities based on mobile healthcare sensing technology and smart home IoT platform technology. 

Technology of PixelRo

Experienced technicians are working together towards the single goal.

PixelRo is

PixelRo is a spin-off company from Samsung Electronics established on November 1, 2017. PixelRo is preparing to commercialize smartphone films and mobile applications for eye care. PixelRo’s mobile application will help those with aged eyes see better. It also processes images on the display in accordance with eye conditions. 


2019. 07. Attended at exhibition of COEX (KITAS)

2019. 06. Development business project from 디딤돌(창업성장기술)

2019. 04. Opened Crowdfunding from WADIZ

2018. 04. Sparc Project from MOTIE (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)

2018. 01. Invested from SVIC (Samsung Venture Investment Capital)

2018. 01. Establish Pangyo Research Center

2017. 12. Found PixelRo Co. 

2017. 10. Spin-off from Samsung Electronics

2016. 06. Selected as Samsung Electronics C-Lab Project