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Vision Correction Solution

The vision correction solution that provides clear screen to smartphone users with aged eyes is composed of functional film and screen calibration app. 

The display,

more clearly.

Presbyopia solution for you.

"It would be very comfortable to see it well without surgery or glasses. I'm very excited"

Mr. Kim (56 years old, Worker, Living in Bundang-gu Seongnam-si)

Combination of lens correction film to move screen and screen processing user app 

Revision of image for presbyopia

Comparison images before and after image processing


PixelRo has many patented technologies related to image processing

based on constant research and know-how.

01 Methods and systems for measuring vision using user eye movements   Application number 01-2018-001845-3

02 Multi-layer MLA structure, display panel and image processing method for correction of bending forces of 

the user   Application number 10-2018-0151089

03 Method and apparatus for extracting source image    Application number 10-2018-015947 

Film introducing Pixelro